The Farm

Braeside is a working beef cattle property hosting a herd of Black Angus breeders & bulls. The property has been involved with breeding cattle and sheep for over 140 years and originally comprised some 12000 acres. Over the years, sections were sold off piece by piece leaving the current selection at approximately 1000 acres.

The Gardens

The original garden (located to the immediate south of the homestead) was established in the late 19th century incorporating a 100 year old Aleppo pine tree which is rumoured to have been brought back from Gallipoli by a local soldier.

The new gardens (north and east) were established over the last 10 years and cover approximately 12 acres or just over 3 hectares. A combination of native and exotic species create a unique garden experience including styles such as parterre, free form, native, scented rose and European formal.


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